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Portable Foxit Reader Pro 3.2.1 Build 0401 Ru

Foxit Reader Pro - компактная профессиональная и быстро работающая программа для просмотра документов формата PDF, не требующая наличия большого и поэтому медленно запускающегося Adobe Reader. Позволяет выделять и копировать текст в буфер обмена, а также производить поиск по тексту. Нормально работает с русским языком.

Enhanced features:
* Improved Select Text Tool. Not only used for selecting text, but also enables users to add most types of annotations, including highlight, strikeout, underline, squiggly, replacement, etc.
* Enhanced Print Setup. Supports printing separate pages or a range of pages by entering 1, 3, 7-10 or whatever in the Pages text box within the Print dialog box.
* Better Annotation Control. Allows users to align and center multiple annotations on PDF pages, including Notes, Drawing Markups and Typewriter Comments.
* Advanced Toolbar Control. Completely rearranges the toolbar layout and allows users to easily customize the tools that appear in Foxit Reader.
* Better Permission Control. Disables and grays out some UI elements when users are not allowed to perform the corresponding operations on the protected PDF document.
* Improved Upgrade Mode. Foxit Updater Preferences dialog box allows the user to configure the update settings. Foxit Reader supports the ability to check for updates automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.
* Improved Popup Note. A popup note turns transparent when it is open but not selected. Users can also cut, copy or paste text in the new popup note.
* Enhanced Shortcut Keys Input. Press F11 to enter or exit the full screen mode. Use keyboard shortcuts to fill PDF forms easily.
* Transferrable preferences Settings. Foxit Reader creates an INI file to save user's preferences settings so that it can be easily kept and transferred. Users can keep their own settings and don't have to configure them when Foxit Reader is updated or moved.
* Many Bug Fixes

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OC: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Разработчик: Foxit Corp.


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Чем нравится эта прога - без проблем обновляется (Portable-версия!), что free-версия, что Prowink