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UltimateDefrag - это дефрагментатор и оптимизатор размещения файлов на жестком диске, который учитывает больше чем только фрагментацию файлов. Фрагментация файла - только незначительная часть улучшения работоспособности накопителя, другая, более важная часть - относительное размещение наиболее часто используемых файлов на вашем винчестере, а также уплотнение файлов. UltimateDefrag имеет очень высокую скорость работы и позволяет достигнуть максимальных результатов.

UltimateDefrag Features:

  • Achieve Optimum Performance Hard Drive File Access That Gives You A Much More Responsive PC
  • Strategic File Placement Gives You Complete Control Over Which Files And Programs You Want Increased Performance From
  • Place Unused Data (such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out Of The Way
  • Place Directories In The Optimum Position For Superior Performance
  • Defrag with as little as 1% FREE space
  • Enjoy fast 3 to 5 minute complete defrags
  • Choose From 4 Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 33 Defrag Option Combinations
  • Make Full Drives Perform Almost Like They've Been Newly Formatted
  • You No Longer Need To Consider Partitioning - UltimateDefrag Is Like Partitioning-On-The-Fly!
  • The First Complete "DISK" Metaphor In Any Defragger
  • Say Goodbye To "Hard Drive Fatigue" Forever!
  • Based Upon True Scientific And Natural Laws
  • More Than Just A Defragger - It's Also a File Placement Optimizer
  • Defragging Defrags Your Files - UltimateDefrag Defrags Your File System
  • Nothing "Black Box" about this - you have total control over which files go where
  • Flexible Scheduling lets you defrag while you're away from your computer
  • All This In An Incredibly Powerful Program That's Less Than 1 Mb In Size!

What's New in This Release:

  • Fixed error 103 that some users were experiencing with the boot time module
  • Disabled splash screen during scheduled jobs
  • Fixed problem where wildcards were not able to be deleted from HP and Archive file selection.
  • Fixed Ascending and Descending sorting modes that were saved incorrectly
  • Removed message relating to volume shadow copy
  • Fixed large fonts display problems - the GUI now displays correctly for higher font size DPI setting
  • Fixed causes of crashes that the occasional user was experiencing.
  • Fixed scheduled defrag that wasn't respecting Archive and HP
  • Fixed crash happening for FAT drives
  • Fixed Place Directories Next To MFT for Fragmented Files Only method
  • Fixed Elapsed Time formatting error when defrag time exceeded 1 hour.


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