C.C. Catch - Fan Made

Дата выхода: 2011 | Жанр: Pop | Количество треков: 67
Время звучания: 05:39:23 | Формат | Качество: mp3 | 192-320 kbs

Big Fun 2011
01. Backseat Of Your Cadillac (Edit Dancefloor Remix)
02. Summer Kisses (Extended '99 Mix by Rav'L)
03. Are You Serious 2008 (Discofreakz Remix)
04. Night In Africa (Oliver Leadline Tropical Adventure)
05. Heartbeat City (Karaoke)
06. Baby I Need Your Love (Bugle Album Cut)
07. Little By Little (Tallinn Baltic Sea Mix)
08. Nothing But A Heartache (Starky Long Horror Mix)
09. If I Feel Love (D1mka's Extended Mix)
10. Fire Of Love (Ravel High Energy Mix)

Catch The Catch 2011
01. Cause You Are Young (Dimka's Everlasting Youth Mix 2005)
02. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight 2010 (Juan Martinez Radio Edit)
03. You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Dimka's Hunting Mix 2005)
04. One Night's Not Enough (Disco Revival Radio Mix 2010)
05. Strangers By Night (Maxitune Edit 2009)
06. Stay (Maxitune Edit 2009)
07. Jump In My Car (DJS Remix 2005)
08. You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (DJ Eurodisco Remix 2009)

Diamonds . Her Greatest Hits 2011
01. House Of Mystic Lights`2009 (Tony Dance Mix)
02. Are You Man Enough (The Frighteening Nightmare Mix)
03. Cause You Are Young (Dj Streltsov Mix)
04. Heartbreak Hotel (ClubTunez Bootleg Mix)
05. Soul Survivor (Multi Extended Survivor Mix)
06. Strangers By Night (Dj Stranger Mix)
07. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (D1mka's 20th Anniversary Mix)
08. Heaven & Hell (DJ Rizzo Wolt remix)
09. Do You Love As You Look (Toxic Acid Phunkee Ed
10. House Of Mystic Lights (Bootleg New Mix)
11. Heartbreak Hotel (Decade Remix)
12. Strangers By Night 2006 (A.M. Project Remix)
13. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Decade Remix)

Like A Hurricane 2011
01. Good Guys Only Win In Movies 2010 (ValAleX Remix DJ Modern Max Re. Edit)
02. Like A Hurricane (Rav'L Beat 2 Beat Mix)
03. Smoky Joe's Cafe (Ravel Disco Extended Mix)
04. Are You Man Enough (DJ Cooba New Radio Version)
05. Don't Be A Hero (D1mka's Agressive Mix)
06. Soul Survivor (Discofreakz Mix)
07. Midnight Gambler (DJ Stim KiteS Mix)
08. Don't Wait Too Long (Child Of Dune Mix)
09. Dancing In Shadows (Maxi Mix Version)

The Best Of 2011
01. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (feat. Otpetie Moshenniki vs Crazy Frog)
02. Soul Survivor`98 (Extended Version)
03. Midnight Hour (Dance Mix)
04. Backgirl (Drumm N Bass Remix)
05. Strangers By Night 2003 (Special Retro Club Ret. Cut)
06. Don’t Be A Hero (Ravel High Energy Mix)
07. Only Girl In The Cadillac (Curro Jackson Mash Up Remix)
08. Jump In My Car (CJ Dudin Remix)
09. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (DJ Marco Remix 2008)
10. One Night Enough (DJ Maloy Pop Mix)
11. House Of Mystic Lights (Dance Mix)
12. Speak (Dj`s Short Dance Mix`2006)
13. You Shot A Hole In My Soul (DJ MihaNix Remix)
14. Like A Hurricane`2009 (Eurodance Mix By DJ Modern Max)
15. I'm Gonna Miss You (D1mka's Rainstorm Mix)
16. Spirit (Marcelo's Remix)
17. Megamix 2008 (By DJ Modern Max)

Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel 2011
01. Heartbreak Hotel 2009 (New Version)
02. Picture Blue Eyes (Oliver Leadline Painted Mix Painted Mix)
03. Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache (The 24th Day Mix)
04. V.I.P (They're Callin' Me Tonight) (Long Play Extended (by FanThomas)
05. You Can Run Away From It (DJ Tony Remix)
06. Heaven & Hell (Euromania)
07. Hollywood Nights (DJ Eurodiso Mix 2009)
08. Born On The Wind (Simple M.I.X. by Thango)
09. Wild Fire (D1mka's Disaster Mix 2005)
10. Stop . Dragging My Heart Around (Space Mix)


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