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Британская компания FXhome выпустила программное обеспечение для композитинга HitFilm. В данной программе предлагается широкий спектр инструментов для визуальных эффектов, обработки видео и композитинга, быстрый рендеринг за счёт использования графического процессора GPU. Пакет HitFilm имеет две редакции: Standard и Ultimate. Standard - позволяет редактировать фильмы, совмещать 2D и 3D-слои, создавать визуальные эффекты и загружать свой фильм в HD-качестве на YouTube. Ultimate - даёт возможность пользователю создавать визуальные эффекты, используя частицы. Также можно импортировать данные с камеры и работать с разрешением больше 4000 пикселей.


HitFilm Ultimate is a brand new film editing software solution that allows you to achieve professional quality movie effects, for a very modest price. HitFilm Ultimate possesses all the features of expensive professional software solutions but with a reasonable price tag. It is easy to use allowing both the well established professionals and beginners to use it. It possesses most modern software solutions and technology that keep it, way ahead of its competition. Simple and easy to use user interface will allow you to work with both images, clips and sounds effects without overcrowding you work area. Among HitFilm Ultimate many features like animation, particle effect manipulation, 3D work, color composition it also allows Multi-track editing, allowing you to compare and work on two projects at the same time. All these options and features are only a small part of this great program that can be used for almost anything you need when it comes to movie editing.

In HitFilm Ultimate you'll find 2D and 3D visual effects of a quality never seen before at this price point. Transform your filmmaking without needing a blockbuster budget.

HitFilm's Gunfire technology is unrivalled. Create an infinite variety of fully 3D muzzle flashes to suit any weapon. If you make action movies, this effect will revolutionize your shootouts.

Lens flares
The procedurally generated lens flare effects in HitFilm are resolution independent and include lots of customization options for you to play with. You can even link lens flares to points in 3D space, opening up unique animation possibilities.

Procedural fire Ultimate exclusive
Create computer generated fire which reacts realistically to movement and interacts with other layers. Set other layers on fire or use them to block the path of the flames: perfect for titles and human torch effects.

Easily create sci-fi's most iconic weapon using HitFilm and show the fanfilm community what you can do. An elegant effect for a more civilized filmmaker.

Lightning Ultimate exclusive
HitFilm Ultimate's highly customizable electricity generator creates photorealistic storm lightning, intense Force lightning, tasers and other electrical effects.

Blood spray Ultimate exclusive
Horror and action filmmakers: this one is for you. Generate realistic blood and liquid splatter to turn your movies into non-stop gore fests.

Advanced particle simulator: Ultimate exclusive
There's no other application that can rival the in-built particle simulator anywhere near the price of HitFilm Ultimate. Create sophisticated particle effects with complex behaviour, driven by physics simulation and forces, interacting with your layers in full 3D.

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit).


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