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Advanced Onion Router + Rus

Advanced Onion Router

Advanced Onion Router — это клиент для сети Tor, предназначенный для улучшения стандартного комплекта Tor + Vidalia + Polipo для пользователей Windows. Он способен заставлять программы и плагины принудительно использовать прокси-Tor, независимо от его настроек прокси-сервера.

Advanced Onion Router is a client for OR network and is intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users. Before trying Advanced Onion Router, try the original Tor client (https://torproject.org) and read the available documentation to get familiar with Onion Routing and OR Network. You may find Vidalia easier to use. Some of the improvements of Advanced Onion Router include support for HTTP/HTTPS proxy on same Socks4/Socks5 port, a User Interface which makes all Tor available options more accessible, local banlist for forbidden addresses and the ability to "force" a program and its extensions / plugins to use the Tor proxy regardless of its configured proxy settings, and of course support for language files so translations can be loaded and the user interface translated into other languages. More features will be added in next versions.

ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista и Windows 7.

Что нового в этой версии:

  • corrected: a wrong timestamp verification prevented new introduction circuits from being built when accessing hidden services
  • corrected: when calculating circuit build times, time() was used instead of get_time()
  • address lengths in proxy requests are no longer limited to 256 bytes
  • the list with directory authorities is no longer limited to 65536 bytes
  • the list with banned hosts is no longer limited to 65536 bytes
  • address policies are stored as a hash table instead of keeping the hash table separately
  • all memory allocations are handled by tor_malloc() and tor_free() which checks for buffer overflows when freeing allocated memory
  • all assertion failures are handled by tor_assert() which allows a crash report to be saved
  • the exception handler can also save a list with all buffers allocated by tor_malloc()


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