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HTML Password Lock 5.5

HTML Password Lock 5

HTML Password Lock - программа для тех, кто хочет ограничить доступ к страницам или целому сайту с помощью пароля. Доступ к странице будет разрешен лишь после ввода правильного пароля. Поддерживается 2 типа авторизации: с помощью пароля или с помощью логина и пароля. Кроме этого, HTML Password Lock позволяет блокировать использования правой кнопки мыши на ваших страницах, а также выделение и копирование кусков текста.

HTML Password Lock 5.5

Key Benefits:

  • Secure web pages or whole web site in just a few clicks;
    No need to learn complicated perl, php, ASP and Web DB, no need to learn profound encryption algorithm , no need to write a piece of CGI or script code, HTML Password Lock wizard will guide you secure your web pages or whole web site in just a few clicks.
  • Secure web pages or whole web site with best security;
    Unlike other similar tools which always use very simple algorithm, HTML Password Lock use strong encryption algorithms to provide best security.
  • The protected web page can work anywhere;
    Based on JavaScript technology, the protected web page can work with any modern browser (IE4, NC4 and above), no additional browser extension software is needed. On the server side, it support all kinds of hosting server, no CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB or any special web software is needed, and it can even work without any web server, thus you can publish your protected web pages on CD, DVD or any other media.
  • Supports single password and multi-user/password;
    Supports two kinds of password type: single password and multi-user/password. You can select to protect your web pages with one password, or define users with their own personal passwords, it can manage more 1000 users.
  • Other useful features:
    Such as un-lock from backup files, enhanced user/password management, support user/password case sensitive and case insensitive, generate random user/password, three kinds of protection type, support disable right mouse click, disabled text selection, refer domain check, etc.
HTML Password Lock 5.5

Key Features:

  • Password protect web pages and whole web site;
  • Supports HTML, ASP and PHP files;
  • Strong encryption algorithms to provide best security;
  • Work with any JavaScript capable browser, no additional software or plugin is required;
  • Supports all kinds of hosting servers, no CGI, PHP, ASP or special web server software is required;
  • Three types of protection type: Page, Session, Cookie;
  • Two kinds of password type: single password, user/password;
  • Support redirect to an error page if password is incorrect;
  • Support disable right mouse click, and other useful features such as disable text selection, disable page printing etc;
  • The protected page can be called from other web page.
  • Easy to use wizard style interface;
  • Multiple files and directory processing capabilities;
  • Maximum source page size is unlimited;
  • Encrypted page size grow only 30% + 8K;
  • Browser compatible - Internet Explorer 4.x or later, Netscape 4.x or later, Opera 6.x and above, Mozilla Firefox. All newer versions are recommended;
  • HTML pages are compatible with HTML4 recommendations;
  • Supports Asian and Europe Char Sets
  • Disable web browsers remember username and password

ОС: Windows 98/98SE/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7, Windows 8.


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