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SmartPixel Pro - программа для создания видеозаписей с экрана и редактирования видео на Windows. C помощью технологии D3D, вы сможете записать в точности то, что видите. Дополнительно SmartPixel предоставляет множество продвинутых функций для редактирования видео, включая обрезку, слияние, дублирование и любые другие полезные функции, которые только можно представить. Все они делают возможным создание необычных видеозаписей.


What You See Is What You Can Record

  • It's not just a game recorder. What you see on your screen is what you record. Select a part of the screen and record, that's it!

Supports All PC Games

  • In WOW, Call of Duty, or any other games, SmartPixel will always help you to capture your most exciting game moments as the best free game recorder.

Outstanding Performance

  • Benefited by the world’s leading screen recording technology, you can hardly notice SmartPixel is recording game screen while you are playing video games on PC.

Excellent Quality

  • With advanced video compression technology, you can create HD quality videos and improve the utilization of the disk space effectively.

Original "Picture-In-Picture"

  • The Picture-in-picture mode allows you to capture your webcam video as well as microphone audio simultaneously while desktop screen recording. It’s very helpful for you to create tutorial game videos to share with other gamer.

Rich Video Post-Editing & Vivid Effect

  • As an easy to use video editor, Smartpixel provides you powerful and rich video post-editing functions, which including video clipping, merging, splitting, dubbing as well as adding background music, subtitles, effects and filters, making it more accessible to make vivid videos.

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10


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