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Moony v3.17

Moony v3.17 Multilingual

Moony - програма для мониторинга телефонных звонков. Показывает телефонные номера для входящих звонков. Также включает в себя автоответчик, факс (отправка и получение), СМС, громкую связь, список абонентов и техподдержку.
Moony Features
  • Call Monitor
    • Shows incoming calls in a small popup window with user defined text, color and font
    • Shows type (voice, fax, data) and state of call (ringing, missed or answered)
    • Shows descriptions for countries and area codes via user defined list (German and U.S. area codes are already included)
    • Map names to own phone numbers and show calls to own numbers in different colors
    • Option to play sounds for calls to own numbers
    • Map names to known callers
    • Option to map names to known callers and to show special callers with blinking text
    • Option to play sounds for calls from known callers
    • Allows to call back via Windows phone dialer
    • Allows to execute a program for incoming calls
    • Allows to send call information to German cellular phones (SMS)
    • Logs all incoming calls in list window
  • Answerphone/Fax
    • Multiple telephone answering machines (one per MSN)
    • Answering machine with voicemail or announcement only
    • Random announcements
    • Touch tone menus (e.g. "please press 1 for more information")
    • SMS notification to mobile phones when a caller leaves a message
    • Remote playback of messages
    • Remote control features (e.g. starting of programs)
    • G3 fax receive option
    • Fax send function (via printer driver, if supported by ISDN board)
    • SMS notification to mobile phones when receiving a fax


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