Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.02

Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3

SpiceMaster - удобный плагин для работы с видео, который может использоваться в качестве допкомпонента для популярных видео-редакторов, включая Adobe Premiere, After Effects, VEGAS Pro и многие другие. Это – один из лучших плагинов для создания профессионально оформленных переходов между кадрами. Также он позволяет добавлять красивые эффекты.

Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.02

Особенности SpiceMaster:

  • Hundreds of Industry-Leading Soft/Organic Customizable Video Transitions
  • The Compelling Power of Softness for Video Transitions
  • Cutting-Edge Organic Effect Looks (PRO only)
  • Customize/Animate Virtually ANY OTHER Video Effect
  • The Amazing MIXER for Film Dissolve Transitions (PRO only)
  • Unique Animated/Soft/Organic Picture-In-Picture Effects (PIPs) (PRO only)
  • Soft/Organic Text Effects for Titles & Graphics (PRO only)
  • Complete Creative Control Over Video Transitions and Effects
  • Bezier Curve Keyframing to Accelerate/Decelerate
  • Depth for Other Effects
  • Real-time Previewing
  • Minimal Effect Setup Time
  • Resolution Independent Effects
  • Incredibly Easy to Use
  • 10+ Undo/Redos
  • THOUSANDS of Pre-Made Video Transitions and Effects Animations
  • Visually Choose & Compare Effects and Transitions
  • Save & Recall Favorites Effects and Transitions
Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.02

600 amazing OrganicFX
Our exclusive top-rated spices. Altogether, PRO has 1,000+ terrific spice geometries to choose from -- all easily customizable! Use them for unique video transition geometries and for unique ways to animate your other video effects within a single clip.

The PRO version's powerful MIXER control creates beautiful directional dissolves. Use it to blend the spice geometries with a luminance-based dissolve transition that ties visually into your subject/scene!

Soft/Organic Title Effects and Picture-In-Picture Effects (PIPs)
Apply animated soft/organic spice effects to text, titles, logos, and picture-in-picture effects (PIPs), giving you many more creative options than 'old' standards.

EASY Bezier Keyframing
Smoothly accelerate or decelerate virtually any SpiceMaster quality with just a few clicks. Each control is individually keyframable.

Extra Adjustments
The PRO plugins include several extra controls to modify a transition or effect's edge softness, dynamic texture, multiple-color borders, rotation/spin effects and bevel/ripple depth enhancements. Cool!

Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.02

Плагин для:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, any Creative Cloud version or Premiere Elements 13 or later (for Windows, 64-bit versions of Premiere Elements only)
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 or any Creative Cloud version (for Windows, 64-bit version)
  • VEGAS Pro/VEGAS Movie Studio version 13 or later (for 64-bit versions of Vegas)
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 or later or Magix Video Pro X7 or later (for 64-bit versions only)


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