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Invelos DVD Profiler 3.5.0 Build 1240

Invelos DVD Profiler - программа для обработки и управления любыми коллекциями DVD с возможностями фильтрации, создания отчетов и доступом к онлайновыми базам данных. При помещении DVD-диска в привод программа автоматически пытается распознать содержимое и добавить его в список, но так же способна добавлять диски по различным критериям, вводимыми пользователями индивидуально. Invelos DVD Profiler имеет мощный поисковый движок и систему фильтрации, так что вы всегда сможете найти и ознакомиться с пользовательскими отчетами, просмотре скриншоты из фильма и т.д. Интерфейс программы полностью настраиваем, поддерживается работа с плагинами, имеется блокировка для ограничения доступа к базе детей.

New Features

* Added profile-level Copy and Paste, with custom pasting options. Can paste to a particular profile via DVD->Paste and to multiple profiles via Collection->Flagged->Paste.

Photo Gallery
Added per-profile Gallery with customizable thumbnail view and slideshow. Collect and display images for your favorite films.

Custom Collection List View

Users may now define and select a custom collection list view, with all the power and flexibility of the report designer. Look for downloadable layouts with custom list views as our talented users upload their creations.


* Added configurable storage of files (reports, translations, layouts, etc), via Tools->Options->File Folders
* Added support for custom genres. Define them via Tools->Edit Custom Genres.
* Data Elements
o Added support for bold and italic within overviews
o Added Crime, Disaster genres
o Added several additional common audio formats
o Added several audio track and subtitle language options
o Increased audio track limit from 8 to 16
o Added rating details ex (Rated R for Violence)
o Added additional studio field for media publisher
o Added support blu-ray regions (A, B, C)
o Added ability to generate disc IDs from Blu-ray and HD DVD discs
o Added support for custom roles in the crew section. When custom crew is assigned, the crew lock will automatically enable
o Custom Roles may also be assigned to override the built-in crew role types. Custom roles are not contributed, but the credit itself is
o Added the following standard credits:
Writing->Created By, Writing->Story By, Music->Theme By, Art->Costume Designer, Art->Make-up Artist, Art->Visual Effects, Art->Make-up Effects, Art->Creature Design
* Box set information now downloaded when profile is added, and the program will offer to download the child profiles
* Reports (and the new custom collection list view) can now display cast and crew photos
* New condition for Flagged status in report editor
* Added tool to lock items so they are not selectable in the report designer
* Integrated the online profile links throughout the program
* Added copy cast section, copy crew section while editing a profile (right-click divider to copy the section to the clipboard)
* Added Paste and Append Cast/Crew option while editing a profile
* Added ability to synchronize mobile data directly to a storage card
* New view type for credit photos shows scrollable display of all photos for the profile
* Multiple photos per credit are supported, allowing custom per-movie cast and crew images
* Added a mini-browser window for profile information in the Add by Title window
* Added option to run charts on flagged entries only
* Users may now designate "Favorite" reports, which sort first - remaining now sort alphabetically
* When there are flagged profiles, reports now default to 'flagged only'
* Improved performance estimating space requirements in mobile synchronization
* Added collection list display column for directors, sort by directors
* Added CTRL-` (top left of std keyboard) to set current tag for current profile, select next profile
* Discs may now be added in the personalize window, so disc locations can be set when adding profiles
* Added cast/crew id into header vars for use in custom layouts
* The Change UPC function can now also allows locality changes. The Change Locality menu option remains for locality-only changes.
* Added chart for media type
* When launching w/command file, checks first parameter for an OpenDatabase command, will load that database only
* Genres now automatically lock only when user has changed the genres
* If exists, automatically runs Startup.txt from command file default directory at startup (override the file with /startup parameter)
* If exists, automatically runs Shutdown.txt from command file default directory at shutdown (override the file with the /shutdown parameter)
* Icon now shown for pending addition in Add by Title
* Dual-layered setting is now read automatically from disc scans
* Added additional longer runtime filter options
* Added command-line parameter: /skipversioncheck
* Purchase date is now remembered between profile additions
* Auto-converts '.' to ',' as needed in price fields for ease of price entry.


* Corrected cause of 'Index out of range' error when editing profiles
* Switching from 'and' to 'or' in genre now updates filter correctly
* Filter sets and/or setting is now remembered for tags tab
* Fixed some deficiencies in the Command File processing
* Corrected error which could cause DVD Profiler to start minimized and not restore
* Connection errors no longer display under the 'Connecting' panel
* Setting fill color for box in reports no longer nets access violation
* Non-HD profiles no longer show with blu-ray banner if HD case type is selected
* Additions from Upcoming no longer allow multiples
* Alt-F10 will now locate a grandchild profile
* Corrected some errors in charts, including scale for review charts.


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