Shadow Security Scanner 7.147.265

Shadow Security Scanner на сегодняшний день наилучший сканер, обладающий богатыми возможностями, идеальный помощник в проверке сервера системному администратору, незаменимый инструмент в работе службы безопасности вашего предприятия или организации.

При сканирования системы, Shadow Security Scanner производит анализ данных, выявляет уязвимые места, возможные ошибки в настройке сервера и предложит возможные пути исправления недочетов и уязвимых мест в системе. Shadow Security Scanner имеет уникальную технологию обнаружения возможных дыр в системе, используя систему в основанную интеллектуальном ядре собственной разработки, Shadow Security Scanner сканирует систему с такой быстротой и точностью, на какую способны только профессиональные службы безопасности или хакеры, пытающиеся взломать вашу сеть.
Shadow Security Scanner работая под операционной системой Windows, сканирует сервера независимо от того на какой платформе они построены. При сканировании Shadow Security Scanner выявляет бреши в системе безопасности серверов построенных как на платформе Unix(Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Net BSD, Solaris and etc) так и на Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/.NET. Используя уникальную технологи Shadow Security Scanner единственный в мире сканер безопасности который может определять ошибки в оборудовании CISCO,HP и других. Только Shadow Security Scanner единственный в мире сканер который проверяет больше 5000 аудитов в системе.

Safety Lab Shadow Security Scanner is a Proactive Computer Network Security Vulnerability Assessment Scanner with over 5000 audits.

This is a new generation of hi-tech software (network vulnerability assessment scanner) that perforShadow Security Scannermed greatly in the 20th century and remains on the front line in the new millennium! Shadow Security Scanner (network vulnerability assessment scanner) has earned the name of the fastest - and best performing - security scanner in its market sector, outperforming many famous brands. Shadow Security Scanner has been developed to provide a secure, prompt and reliable detection of a vast range of security system holes. After completing the system scan, Shadow Security Scanner analyses the data collected, locates vulnerabilities and possible errors in server tuning options, and suggests possible ways of problem solution. Shadow Security Scanner employs a unique system security analysis algorithm based on a patented "intellectual core". Shadow Security Scanner performs the system scan at such a speed and with such a precision so as to be able to compete with the professional IT security services and hackers, attempting to break into your network.

Running on its native Windows platform, Shadow Security Scanner also scans servers built practically on any platform, successfully revealing breaches in Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Net BSD, Solaris and, of course, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/.NET. Because of its unique architecture, Shadow Security Scanner is the world's only security scanner able to detect faults with CISCO, HP, and other network equipment. It is also the only commercial scanner capable of tracking more than 4,000 audits per system.

Currently, the following key services supported are: FTP, SSH, Telnet, SMTP, DNS, Finger, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, NetBIOS, NFS, NNTP, SNMP, Squid (Shadow Security Scanner is the only scanner to audit proxy servers - other scanners just verify ports availability), LDAP (Shadow Security Scanner is the only scanner to audit LDAP servers - other scanners limit their actions to ports verification), HTTPS, SSL, TCP/IP, UDP, and Registry services. Because of a fully open (ActiveX-based) architecture any professional with knowledge of VC++, C++ Builder or Delphi may easily expand the capabilities of the Scanner. ActiveX technology also enables the system administrators to integrate Shadow Security Scanner into practically any ActiveX supporting product.

Security Scanner GUI As network vulnerability assessment scanner provides a direct access to its core, you may use the API (for a detailed information please refer to API documentation) to gain full control to Shadow Security Scanner or to change its properties and functions. Being not a professional programmer, but having some basic knowledge of computer networks and having found a new security breach you may either contact Safety-Lab directly or use the BaseSDK wizard: it will guide you through the whole process of new audit creation. BaseSDK also lets you add more than 95% of new audit types.

The Rules and Settings Editor will be essential for the users willing only to scan the desired ports and services without wasting time and resources on scanning other services. Flexible tuning lets system administrators manage scanning depth and other options to make benefit of speed-optimized network scanning without any loss in scanning quality.

Security Scanner Rules The function of simultaneous multiple network scanning (up to 10 hosts per session) has also been added to improve the overall speed.

Another unique capability of the Scanner concerns the possibility of saving detailed scan session log not only in traditional HTML format (which is available in 99% other scanners) but also in XML, PDF, RTF and CHM (compiled HTML) formats.

The new interface is both user-friendly and simple to use and it has been optimized to provide even easier access to program's main functions. Managing Shadow Security Scanner options is also made simpler: all the key elements of the program interface have bubble help windows with a concise description of their function.

Security Scanner Report The Update Wizard provides the timely updates of program's executive modules with the most up-to-date security information, guaranteeing a solid protection for your system and its high resistance to malicious attacks. Safety-Lab has also accompanied its new product with the direct access to its Internet Security Expert service and a daily-updated Download Zone.

ОС: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 2000


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