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phpMyAdmin 3.1.3 Final

phpMyAdmin - это совокупность скриптов написанных на PHP, и обеспечивающих полноценную, в том числе удаленную работу с базами данных MySQL, через веб-интерфейс. Так как phpMyAdmin позволяет во многих случаях обойтись без непосредственного ввода команд SQL, то работа с базами данных становится вполне посильной задачей даже для человека весьма поверхностно знакомого с MySQL.

phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations with MySQL. The most frequently used operations are supported by the user interface (managing databases, tables, fields, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc), let's meet on cwer.ws while you still have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement.

Активное использование MySQL в веб-программировании обусловило его актуальность, а интуитивно понятный интерфейс в совокупности с широкой функциональностью и поддержкой более 50 языков (в том числе и русского) обеспечило ему популярность среди веб-разработчиков.


  • Intuitive web interface
  • Support for most MySQL features:
    • browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields and indexes
    • create, copy, drop, rename and alter databases, tables, fields and indexes
    • maintenance server, databases and tables, with proposals on server configuration
    • execute, edit and bookmark any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
    • manage MySQL users and privileges
  • Import data from CSV and SQL
  • Export data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 - OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, Excel and LATEX formats
  • Administering multiple servers
  • Creating PDF graphics of your database layout
  • Creating complex queries using Query-by-example (QBE)
  • Searching globally in a database or a subset of it
  • Transforming stored data into any format using a set of predefined functions, like displaying BLOB-data as image or download-link
  • And much more...

Changes in version (2009-02-28):
  • [lang] Turkish update
  • patch #2496403 [display] Multi-row change with "]"
  • bug #2027720 [parser] Missing space after BINARY used as cast
  • patch #2520747 [core] E_DEPRECATED compatibility for PHP 5.3
  • bug [display] Message "Bookmark created" is not displaying
  • [display] Show AUTO_INCREMENT instead of A_I when in vertical mode
  • patch #2538358 [display] Conditions for relational display field
  • [lang] Mongolian update
  • patch #2553372 [display] DB comment tooltips not shown on navi
  • patch #2561433 [structure] Display true number of rows in a view if it contains less than MaxExactCountViews
  • [lang] Polish update
  • bug #2568722 [designer] Compound key not shown
  • patch #2550323 [XHTML] in server_databases.php
  • patch #2358861 [navi] Row count tooltip wrong for information_schema
  • bug #2565948 [core] Changing the connection collation changed the client charset.
  • [lang] Romanian update
  • patch #1760205 [data] Insert as new row: BLOB is lost
  • [lang] Georgian update


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