TMPGEnc Authoring Works

TMPGEnc Authoring Works - это 4 простых способа создания своего собственных DVD, Blu-Ray дисков, и DivX ULTRA видео. Импорт большинства видео форматов, удаление рекламы или нежелательных сцен, добавление впечатляющих эффектов перехода, создание своих собственных субтитров и профессиональных меню и многое, многое другое. Программа полностью поддерживает все функции супер видеоконвертора TMPGEnc Plus. Обеспечивает кодирование в два прохода для соблюдения наивысшего качества изображения.

Full Featured:
  • Input MPEG-1/2, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DivX, MPEG-4/H.264, AVCHD, DV/HDV, DVD-VR, DVR-MS video files and author to DVD-Video, Blu-ray (BDMV), and DivX Ultra formats.
  • Camcorder AVCHD/HDV/DV video input support.
  • Creates high quality DivX video.
  • Edit out unwanted scenes or commercials.
  • Create interactive menus from templates or make your own custom menus.
  • Add or edit subtitles.
  • Make your own slideshow DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in standard or high definition.
  • Apply audio filters such as gap correction, noise reduction, and fade-in/out.
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound input/output.

It's Better With Blu. Plus more new features.
  • Author your favorite AVCHD, HDV and DV camcorder footage to the high-capacity Blu-ray Disc format.
  • Create HD menus complete with pop-up menus that you can access during playback.
  • Or how about making your own HD slideshows? It's all possible with Blu-ray Disc.

Supported OS: Windows XP SP2 (Home, Pro, Media Center), Windows Vista SP1 (Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic, Business), Windows 7
*Behavior on Windows 7 64-bit editions not guaranteed.

Changes in Version

  • Added Support for the AAC 5.1 channel format. (Allows the importation of AAC audio up to 5.1 channels when included in an MPEG-2 TS file). A new option in the Clip Audio properties allows you to manually specify the number of audio channels when importing AAC audio.
  • Fixed Importation: MPEG files with an invalid trailer would not be imported.
  • Fixed Importation: The MPEG demultiplexer's valid header search range has been doubled, allowing some unreadable files to be imported.
  • Fixed Menu: When in DivX Ultra output mode, the Menu Wizard would be set to the "Track menu only" option even when the project contained several tracks.
  • Fixed Menu: When displaying the Global menu settings window in the Menu editor, the menu display would change from List mode to Editor mode. This correction prevents the menu display from changing.
  • Fixed Menu: When changing the Chapter display in the Global menu settings window of the Menu editor, the thumbnail picture in the Menu page list would not update properly.
  • Fixed Menu: In the Global menu settings, changed content would not update properly depending on the local menu settings and the user control restriction settings.
  • Fixed Menu: An error would sometime arise when enabling/disabling the menu display in the Chapter display setting of the Global menu settings.
  • Fixed DVD-Video timecode recording method changed for better precision. Correct players would display a playback duration up to 0.1% longer. (Player correctly processing the timecode displays a playback duration 0.1% lower)
  • Fixed When copying a clip from a DVD-Video target to a BDMV target by using the clipboard, the audio error protection settings would not perform correctly, and would then become a verifier error later.
  • Fixed In BDMV target mode, when moving a clip by dragging and dropping to an empty track, the MPEG profile would not be copied correctly, making the track settings become invalid.
  • Fixed In the DivX default settings of the Preferences, the MPEG-3 audio bitrate could not be specified properly.
  • Fixed The help file could not be displayed from the Options menu of the Batch authoring tool.
  • Fixed In the clip Cut editor stage, the range and seek bar's cursor positions would shift after setting a clip range then displaying the Audio filter settings window.
  • Fixed In the clip Cut editor stage, after setting a clip range and then displaying the Audio filter settings window, changing the Time tone reduction filter settings would somtimes provoke a deadlock.
  • Fixed Other minor fixes.


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